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My dog has had more ear infection problems than I can write about here. Lots of visits to the vets, lots of meds, lots of ear infection drops, allergy pills and you name it. It would clear up but always came back and I was searching for a new way to treat the dogs ear infection problems.  Knowing that there are powerful herbs in this universe I decided to give this ear oil a try. So sick of the dogs ear problems I would just about try anything, so I tried this ear oil.
To start with, my dogs ears had some kind of ear yeast infection. Lots of brown sticky goo and lots of dried hard stuff in his ears. His hears crackled from the ear infection and the ears were red and obviously sore. I needed to try something different and hoped it would be the right something to take care of my dogs ears.
My dog is so sick of taking pills and getting ear drops for ear infections and I was sick of giving him all that stuff too, and for what, the ear infections were always back a few weeks later. So we would just start all over again. Crackling ears, pain and on the meds.
Now I tried the ear oil.
This particular night my dogs ears were really hurting him. They were so red and really in bad condition, his ears were in pain and I felt so bad for him. I warmed the formula as directed and had the dog lay on his side. When I put that ear oil in he had the strangest look on his face that I have never seen before that time. It was an expression of relief, like oh thank you thank you thank you. It was so obvious that he liked it and quite a surprise to me. He didn't try to get up and race around trying to wipe it off. He continued to lay there while I cleaned his ears with a tissue. Lots of junk came out of his ears right then and there and I know it made his ears feel better immediately.
That night, he didn't wimper or cry or whine. he rested well without any discomfort in his ears whatsoever. This never happened with other things I have tried. I was very happy.
Next day I noticed there was a flood of junk that came out of his ears. I mean it was like there was an explosion inside that all gushed out and I found it all around the outside of his ears. I thought, oh my gosh, what is this, what happened to your ears, what have I done and thought maybe it was a huge mistake to use this ear oil. I cleaned all the mess around his ears with a warm rag. After wiping his ears all down I noticed something..... they weren't red anymore. Not even 24 hours and no more redness in his ears.
I still had apprehension and wondered if I had done the right thing by using this ear oil.
No question though that the redness was gone and all that junk came out of his ears, and the dogs ears weren't painful anymore.
With all that, I was convinced the ear oil worked, it did solve my dogs ear problems.
I did the weekly maintenance for a while and then quit doing it. You know, no problems with the ears then why keep doing the dog ear treatment.  Anyway, I didn't do the ear oil for a couple of weeks and just as usual, my dogs ear problems showed signs of coming back again. I got out the ear oil and did the dog ear treatment right away.  He liked me doing his ears and showed visible signs of relief when I put the drops in.  Next day, ears are all good again. Guess all I need to do is to watch his ears closer and keep giving a little dose of this ear oil now and then and I think my dogs ear problems are gone forever. It's been a few months now that he is free from the ear infections he always would get. I really can't believe it because my dog has ALWAYS had ear problems. This ear oil worked miracles for my dogs ears and I am happily surprised because I didn't really think it work good like this, not in a million years. I had hoped it would do SOME good but WOW, my dogs ears are better than ever, they are the best they've been in years. I am a believer in Dr Dogs ear oil and most definitely  I will be using this from now on to keep my dogs ear infections from coming back.  It is really nice to see his ears in good condition again (on a regular basis) and no more crackling or gooey ears. It's all good now, and all thanks to Dr Dogs ear oil.

submitted May 2010

Anyone that has a dog with problem ears should give this ear oil a try.
It is very potent, it is all natural and it gets the job DONE!

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